Full view of a freight train headed west

To be in the mountains one last time
To feel the weight of their glory
Their humble blush majesty
I share humility with them

In the beginning light
The strange plateaus grow with us
Emerging east, bittersweet windows
A 24 hour playlist, unnecessary
Venturing east but thinking west

        I’m thinking of us young
        I’m thinking of him two years ago
        I’m thinking of me two years from now
        I’m thinking of that girl with the strawberry hair
        And his girl with the strawberry hair
        And my head submerged in pink gin

Townes foreboding
Dada warning
In five months time, I find
You’ve been relating to me in a way that is patronizing
        Or not at all

You came into my house and didn’t utter a word about the windows
The floor
A culmination of your teaching

He’s commenting on a hopeful painting
        I’m laughing, antithesis of his ideals
I remember the drive when the clouds parted for us
Bridges this summer
Bridges on a Tuesday
Bridges to somewhere better
As the empty sky suggests
Looking upside down in all directions
Yet three decades later
You’re still conflating